Leasing Options

Here at Kendall Cars, we offer both a short term FlexiLease option and longer term Contract Hire option.

FlexiLease Hire

This has a minimum hire period of only 3 months and can then continue up to 24 months, offering 3 different lease periods: 3-12 months; 12-18 months and 18-24 months. This option can also include insurance and cover all the vehicle costs apart from the fuel you use.

Please visit the FlexiLease page for more information.

Contract Hire

This is available from 24, 36, up to a 48 months period. You can choose the vehicle make and model you would like, and the monthly rental amount is calculated from your requirements.

Please visit the Contract Hire page for more information.


For more details on our different vehicle leasing options please contact our leasing team on lease@kendallcars.com or call 01252 235350

* Only 50% of the VAT relating to the finance element is recoverable if the vehicle is used for private use. 100% if only business use. 100% of the service element VAT (on contract hire only) is recoverable if business use.

** Optional